타이틀라인 Z-core Series The Z- Core series is the first cable to transmit the same
amount of information as original sound, combining accumulated
technology and unique Hemingway know-how, to deliver seamless
transmission characteristics and undamaged musical delivery.

A steady study of sound has led the Z-core series to launch
Hemingway's third generation product, looking for groundbreaking ways
to jet-shaped lines with a double field in the middle to address
Hemingway's patented technology and magnetic fields
generated by electric fields.

Once you hear it, you can feel a new sensation that
you've never experienced before, and you can experience
the overwhelming emotion that comes along.


타이틀라인 Beyond the Top Hemingway
Ultimate cable Ultimate is the pioneer
"technology that didn't exist before.
at the sounds of the world are captured."

타이틀라인 Listening to a piece of music is like reading a book "technology that didn't exist before.
at the sounds of the world are captured."


About us

Hemingway's pursuit of sound takes off the transmission of signals without any traceability, and in the process, it travels naturally, as if it were being transmitted in the air, without any coercion or finesse. efficiently, which are attached according to the cables, and as a result, the 'Hemingway cable' was created, which is a high-end cable that can be adjusted freely, such as the negative-nuance band balance.

Over the past 20 years, many of our prototypes and plans have been destroyed through testing, but this history itself has allowed us to release our Hemingway series. We reproduce the best sound through the Hemingway cable.


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Hemingway Sound Cable. the peak of balance