The Hemingway Cable, we emphasize the most on the replication of fullness in sound. Nothing can be more satisfying, when you are listening to a grand-orchestra sound by a touch of your hand. As a great advocate of music, I had excellent equipment and a large mega-amp, but it was difficult to hear the fullness that I desired. Main reason for this adversity was in the cable and I discovered that other music enthusiasts had the same concern. Many dedicated their works to develop cables to satisfy their needs.

Unlike most cables, which mainly focuses on eliminating the magnetic field and electrical feedbacks during the signal transmission, the Hemingway Cable pursues sound to be transmitted through the controlled magnetic field, so the sounds will not have any modification or added artificial sound. The sound is transmitted as if it is riding on the air. As a result of breakthrough technology, the balance and tone nuances were controlled. As Hemingway quoted, “A man can be destroyed but not defeated.”wehad held on to his values and dedicated our lives to develop this technology for the past 15 years. Hemingway cable pursues to have the sound from the Mother Nature and Taoism’s living in harmony with the Tao (way, path or principle). The Hemingway Cable wishes many enthusiast