Three-wavelength / five-wavelength structure

The air-insulated double coverings, the space between the two coverings, the foaming silicon, as well as the “ring” of the exterior covering are thoroughly considered in designing a Hemingway cable. It applies cutting-edge technology, which can separately send the main key and harmonics in three wavelength and five wavelength format.

The original structure of the three-wavelength and five-wavelength are comprised of seven parts, such as the two different lines on each plus, minus, and ground lines. These are used to sort out the main key, the harmonics, and the additional shield line.

Perfectly separating and sending the harmonics through this structure, it makes various musical expressions and accomplishes the best musicality.

As a leader of the sound industry, Hemingway cables enable the description of detailed expressions. Existing cables mix the main key and harmonics, and this makes the sound thick. Hemingway cable avoids this kind of thickness and has successfully achieved the development of a delicate key.